To Your Ears

from by Juice Box



On any given day,
A normal conversation
Can go from pleasant company
To annoyance and tension.

I slip up. Please take note that I am joking.
I slip up. No control over these words…

Half the things I say aren’t even me,
Like something happens on the journey from
My brain to your ears.
It’s so unfair that when a tone can be taken
One of two ways,
You choose the negative.

I slip up. What I just said was happy.
I slip up. One inflection changes everything.

I offer my condolences,
But what comes out is criticism,
And it’s so drastic that I
Wonder if it’s me or you.

I slip up. Do I? or maybe it’s that
You slip up by expecting the worst from me.

Funny how what brings us all together
Always tears us apart just as fast.
I’m ready to move on from wondering
If the details are building up a wall of dislike.

Well, maybe I’m just socially handicapped,
Constructing fortresses
from which I can throw
My poison darts.

That’s enough. Think I’ll try just to be quiet,
Stepping up to claim my silent fame.


from The Good Stains, released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Juice Box Orem, Utah

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