The Next Thing

from by Juice Box



Friends, sacrifices, fake romances…
It used to be a question of
What the next trigger would be.
Those nights on which I let it seep in
Were all my fault.
Guess it’s time I took some credit.

Here’s the next gamble:
I’ll move across town,
And see if I can get this slate clean
In all the right places, being careful
To hold onto the good stains

While leaving room for a makeshift family,
Maybe meet a few girls, or maybe
Learn a few lessons. I know that it won’t work,
But it’s an easy distraction.

Settle down. It’s a day at the races.
Who’s gonna pull ahead, or maybe leave their lane?
I’m falling behind, but don’t worry. I want it this way.
There’s no permanent victory.

Now wait a second. Why am I racing?
In the first place, seems like a waste of energy.

Now wait a second. Who am I kidding?
‘cause I still act the same as when I thought
That I was a rational needle (in a selfish haystack).

No more excuses. I have to take
A step further back,
and I got to see
What’s wrong.

I’ve arrived. This seems to be
The next step to enlightenment.
Or maybe just
a sugar rush…


from The Good Stains, released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Juice Box Orem, Utah

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