Sticky Molasses

from by Juice Box



Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to talk to you,
‘cause when you announce
your concerning intentions,
You see only yourself and I am the

Bad guy who’s obsessive and dramatic ‘bout
The dumbest things.
Your behavior makes me glad
That I’m not you. I’m so not jealous of you.

There’s a scary girl who only sets you up for failure,
Booking week-long hangout schedules.
If you cross her, she will end you, or at
Least that’s what she thinks.

She’s evil, and manipulates.
Her only motives are herself.
She’s probably jealous
of all the good girls.

She wants what they have, the joys of youth,
And innocence, the freedom to choose.

Sin, magnificent sin…
Or is it so? Most people don’t know.
The blurry gray lines of what’s right
And what’s wrong are becoming defective.

There are those who know they’re wrong.
They only seek to drag others
Down to the webs
and the sticky molasses.

Maybe they’re jealous.

Human nature is so sick and cruel and cold.
I do not wish to be one of those, the people
Who are so carnal in their daily lives. I

Do not comprehend that way of thinking,
But there’s one thing that I know for sure about it.
It’s the plain and simple fact that I’m not jealous.


from The Good Stains, released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Juice Box Orem, Utah

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