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Hey there, it’s getting time to
Choose which side you’re on.
We’re waiting on the runway
So make up your mind.

Around here, they get attention
For elevating clones high,
But if you don’t sound like college hipsters,
Then they won’t bat an eye.

Nobody’s different if they’re all
different in the same way.
Think we’ll stay out of that scene.
Might only stop by to say

Are you smiling or
Laughing from behind your teeth?
Well, I guess that’s still better
Than no one or nothing.

All the money, all the arguments,
And all the time spent
Were meant for more than just fun.
It’s a full mindset.

Apparently it’s okay to
Dream big for now,
But if it becomes realistic,
It’s suddenly the wrong choice.

I’m still afraid to admit why,
But this is what I have to do.
Sometimes I feel this is a broken compass.
Well, maybe only time will tell if it’s worth replacing.

Who’s next to be in control?

I’m sorry. I swear that
I never wanted this:
A dictatorship.
It’s just that someone has to.

A canvas pulled in all directions
will only rip and tear,
and using several brushes only
makes a bigger mess.

We’ve come so far from
That battle, so move on.
We’d like to make our own name.
Hear us out.

Stop trying to take control.

It’s not a matter of taking
Certain steps to success,
But rather learning how to be
Magnetic on our own terms.

If that’s attractive to you,
Then we welcome you with open arms.
If not, then please stop treating us
As a lump of clay.


from The Good Stains, released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Juice Box Orem, Utah

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